• The Ghost

    Am I a ghost?

    For several years, Johnny Ståhl has held a position at my studio.

    His primary task is to send emails, especially to manufacturers and subcontractors of various kinds. The responses he gets are always helpful, quick and polite. Whenever someone wants to talk to Johnny though, he is never there. He hasn’t even got a phone. Whenever someone wants to include him in a meeting he’s always home, often with sick kids.

    Even if Johnny Ståhl doesn’t seem to be very present, he still deserves some credit since he saves the studio a lot of time and hassle. Johnny is hard to meet in person, the only way one can reach him is via email. By making this perfume dedicated to him, one can at least perceive his presence in the room.

    The Ghost is a scent made in collaboration with perfumer Nenad Jovanov. Nenad is the last perfumer in Belgrade and runs the Sava Perfumery, which has been in his family for three generations. Nenad was asked to compose a scent for the ghost Johnny Ståhl. He came up with nine different directions and we continued working with one of them ending up with the final scent — The Ghost. Sava’s standard perfume bottle is used for The Ghost, but the cap has been replaced by a wooden piece manufactured by the Belgrade-based Carpentry Production Xylon, which is also a family business, and is now run by Sabina Simović together with her brother and uncle. The company has developed from a traditional carpentry into also having a high tech machine park. Along with the perfume and bottle a hand folded box with a pleated inlay was made. Nova Iskra assisted with graphic design and the production of a folder also included in the box.

    Johnny Ståhl was invented after having problems getting in contact with manufacturers and subcontractors. Very few replied and even after a contact was established, it was often problematic getting the right information or even closing the deal. The Johnny-character solved all of this.

    If you would like to get in contact with Johnny, please email johnny@jennynordberg.se.

    This project was made within the Made In Platform. Nova Iskra was the supporting partner in Belgrade. A special thank you to Relja Bobić for all the positive support, organizing skills, translator, negotiator and being the best chauffeur.

    Sava Perfumery

    Xylon Carpentry