• Office Supply

    A set of jewelry done for What Is Gold.

    A digital vendor and loosely arranged art, craft and design initiative. Independent practitioners and non traditional jewelers are offering artisanal produced items, one-offs and more within jewellery. What Is Gold is the place for rare findings. There are no middle hands and the author of the item gets the whole cut. What Is Gold is also about the basic need for fun things to happen. We are starting with jewelry to see where it takes us 🙂


    The origin of these objects are a group of mini sculpture. Typical office related stuff such as paper, pens, erasers and glue were cut into smaller pieces and then mounted together to resemble the shape of different jewelry. The “jewelry” was then scanned with a low quality mobile scanner and after that 3-printed.

    Material: PLA
    PLA is a bio plastic produced by fermentation of a carbohydrate source like corn starch or sugarcane.