• Strategies for Moving Freely 2nd Edition
    The 2nd edition of the book about the practice of Jenny Nordberg. Published in 2023 by Nilleditions. “Strategies for Moving Freely presents a selection of Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg”s distinctive work. Covering a decade of explorations into new ways of imagining and approaching contemporary design, this revised edition is published on the occasion of her first major retrospective exhibition, which takes place at Design Museum Helsinki in Finland. Richly illustrated, it outlines an ongoing search for counter-strategies to our time”s destructive mass production and consumption. In the space between the handmade and the machine-made, control and chance, minimalism and brutalism, we get to encounter everything from her signature mirrors and rapid furniture to sandwiches cast in metal and scents for conceptual ghosts.” Bokus   “Jenny Nordberg is arguably the brightest shining star in contemporary Swedish design. Her experimental and forward looking design practice manages to bring together a series of values that for most designers is very hard to achieve, if not unobtainable – It is highly conceptual without feeling factitious, process based yet result orientated, entertaining without being banal, scientific without being technocratic, universal yet markable. At the moment she is running circles around her contemporaries, raising the bar with every new project. She is the guiding light leading the way out of the derivative cul de sac of retro-post-modern aesthetics that has highly overstayed its welcome by now. Designers and design lovers alike – let this book, and Jenny, lead us all forward, and keep moving. In freedom.” Nille Svensson, publisher.
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