• Most Common Element

    The project/exhibition Most Common Element took place at Obra, a post artist-run, post-alternative research oriented art gallery located in Malmö, Sweden, between March 23 and April 21, 2018.

    Jenny Nordberg (Halmstad, 1978) is an industrial designer with an exploratory practice currently concerned with the recovery of processes and material. Her design projects develop through conversation and research in and outside her Studio. Questions about time, role play, efficiency, hierarchy and progress are recurrent in her practice. While the finished and functional aspects of design remain central, her conceptual concerns take a profoundly serious importance yet are addressed in a playful manner. In her methodical performative activity a quasi-mystical persona conveys not only the mechanical aspects of production but the alchemical elements of material transformation.

    For her exhibition at OBRA, Jenny has undertaken the exploration of a technique (welding) and a material (iron) that played an important influence in the history of the area where the exhibition will take place. Iron –the most common element on earth by mass– was a central metal in the modern shipbuilding industry and played a central role in the socio-economical landscape of the city of Malmö where the hosting gallery was recently established.

    Additional to the opening date, Jenny will be welding on-site and producing unforeseen objects that will gradually depart the working table to be displayed at the back room of the gallery along the exhibition period.

    Tomás Feener, Obra

    For inquiries, please contact Obra, www.obra.se.