• Earlier projects (2005-2008)

    Projects done before co-funding and running Apokalyps Labotek 2008-2013.

    • Allmoge Quick Fix (2006) - Decorative painting technique.
    • Full Pull (2005-2008) - Set design for electronic art and music festival.
    • For the love of curtains (2007) - Showed at Designers Block in Milan during design week.
    • Social Kitchen (2007) at the exhibition Casa Cor in Stocholm.
    • Digital Bruise (2007) - Jacket that responds with bruises if not getting enough attention. Made with Arduino, an aquarium pump and fading ink.
    • The French Diet (2007) - Lamps made from coffee and sugar for the exhibition Recycligt at Electrorama in Paris.
    • King of the Road (2005) - Bike with road kill handlebars.
    • Star (2005) - Firs prize in the Iggesund Paper Board competition.