• Auditorium, Halland Art Museum

    In 2017 Hallands Konstmuseum invited Jenny Nordberg to serve as lead creative of a new auditorium, which was to be built as an extension of the museum’s 1930s-era building. Having grown up in this part of Sweden, she developed a concept that was based on the heritage and surroundings of the specific site. Everything from materials and colours to the invited artists and manufacturers has a connection to the region. For example, the museum’s archive, along with architects and poets from the area, served as inspiration for many of the artworks and furniture she developed for the auditorium.
    As she worked with the concept, time became a central aspect, which led to the title 80+ – a reference to the lifespan assigned to new buildings today, and a comment both on the historical perspective and on the urge for things to last. As a way of expanding the project, Nordberg also invited Byggstudio (Hanna Nilsson and Sofia Østerhus), Hilda Hellström, Milan Kosovic and Kajsa Willner to contribute to specific parts of the auditorium. Aside from setting the artistic and interior framework, Nordberg designed a collection of chairs based on a short story by the Halmstad-born writer Klara Johanson (1875–1948; pen name Huck Leber) from her book Oskuld och arsenik (Innocence and arsenic), published in 1901. Nordberg also designed a twenty-two-metre-long curtain with a large appliqué depicting the four different angles of Villa Simonsson – a modernist home designed in 1930 by the groundbreaking architect Ingrid Wallberg.

    Byggstudio (Hanna Nilsson and Sofia Østerhus) – Wall panels
    Hilda Hellström – Floor
    Milan Kosovic – Lectern
    Jenny Nordberg – Lead creative and all chairs
    Kajsa Willner – All tables