• Åker

    ÅKER is a site specific public work done in 2019. Åker means field and the large installation refers to the site where the now 110 meter high property is built. The soil at this specific place was unique and used to be one of the most fertile in Europe.

    The wooden zigzag panels are covered with mirror metal and fabric in an every other repeating pattern. The light in this very bright room plays with the mirror panels, and the installation alters depending on the movement of the sun and position of the observer.

    The project was commissioned by Peab Fastighetsutveckling via Nina Warnolf and Nanna Lagerman for the entrance hall in new building The Point at Hyllie, Malmö.

    Upholstery by Carina Grefmar along with carpentry work by Theo Husberg and Freddie Muller. Photo by Marcus Lawett.