• Accumulations Lamp

    The Accumulations lamp was born during the exhibition with the same name, Accumulations, shown at Olsson & Gerthel in 2020.

    “The exhibition Accumulations (September 9-26, 2020) at Olsson & Gerthel is based on a library of rejected elements, which through Nordberg’s disruptions are given new function and potential. In the performative presentation, she joints these materials with an assemblage-like technique in order to make unique utility objects, stretching from brutalist bedcovers in textile and metal to lamp constructions, tables and vessels. The leftovers that are used have been collected from subcontractors to Olsson & Gerthel, as well as from Nordberg’s studio, and a declaration of each part’s origin accompanies each final object.”

    The floor lamp was an instant favorite when presented in the exhibition. This way of working, presenting three dimensional sketchy objects as possible solutions either as one-offs or smaller series, is one of Nordberg’s preferred working methods .

    The production of the Accumulations lamp is carried out in Småland, Sweden. All parts are made from leftover metal except for the brick shaped glass weights that are hand cast in a small glass studio at the island of Murano, Italy.

    The lamp and made in close collaboration with Olsson & Gerthel.